Your baby’s vision.

At birth, this is about the same as it was at 36 weeks of pregnancy. Although your newborn’s eyes are physically capable of seeing, their brain isn’t ready to process all of the visual information, so things stay pretty fuzzy for a while.

Gradually, as the pathway between their eyes and brain matures, they can see more colours and their ability to focus starts to improve. By the time they are 8 months old, the baby  will be able to see almost as well as you do.

Your baby’s eye colour.

At birth, it is likely that the iris in each eye of your newborn will be blue or grey, because at birth the iris does not have a lot of melanin – this is the pigment that gives eyes their colour. 

As the months go by, the cells of your baby’s iris start to make more melanin, so the eye colour may change. The final eye colour depends on how much melanin develops, which is determined by the genes the baby has inherited from you and the baby’s father.

Blue, grey, and green eyes have less melanin, while brown eyes have more.

By the time your baby is about 9 months old, their eyes will probably have settled into their permanent colour.

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